Designer Buuti Pedersen




“I personally love the seal. For me, the seal represents not only life and living in the Arctic but femininity and something essential to women. That’s why it’s been important to me to make jewelry with seals in them”.

PANIKPANIK's jewelry with Buuti’s design consists of polar bears and seals.


Sila is inherent to the Arctic. Sila is in the Inuit mythology the name of the soul (inua) of the air and the weather and has in it the power sustaining cosmos. In sila, the animals are of importance. And for Buuti, the artist and designer behind the collection “aajuna”, animals of the Arctic are significant.

The seal earring swims up and down a ladies’ ear, sometimes alone, sometimes in two or a flock of more. For Buuti, the seal is not only a seal, it is also a soul that she can relate to as a woman. And she would like women to wear more seal and more soul.

“Not only was the seal instrumental for our survival in the Arctic through millennia – and I love eating everything from a seal – but the patterns of the seal (especially the ring seal) also has something attracting and magic to it. I’ve tried to capture some of this magic in my design for the PANIKPANIK jewelry”.