Our goal and ambition is to create creative workspaces all over Greenland in small and bigger communities

Greenland is the perfect place to create jewelry because of the weather. Whenever the weather is rough and forcing you to stay indoors, you can still be effective and work with the jewelry. The jewelry production is not dependent on the animals, the weather and the infrastructure of the country and is therefore flexible and easy to start up.  

The jewelry can easily be sent by mail all over the country at a low cost, which makes small production units ideal and possible in any type of community in Greenland. No city is too small for jewelry production. You can easily have two or three people doing PANIKPANIK jewelry in Tasiilaq, Maniitsoq or Nuuk.

3000 years old craftmanship

Casted in metal


Visiting possible creative workspaces in Greenland

PANIKPANIK is continuously looking for possible places to start a creative workspace and jobs in communities all over Greenland, and hoping to be able to teach and create an income in those places.


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