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Maya Sialuk tattoo artist

Maya has been researching inuit tattooes for a decade and has been guiding us with the naming process of the jewelry. She has also given us important knowledge about the meanings of the patterns. The Arnuat collection was created to honor the tattoo tradition and naming the jewelry with the proper names and meaning. Because of this, we have been working with Maya to stay true to the original patterns and names. We are donating 10% of our profit from this collection to help her finish her book about inuit tattoos.

Tattoo artist

With respect for the culture

We honor the true patterns and names of the inuit tattoos in collaboration with Maya.

Inuit tattoo jewelry collections

The inuit tattoo jewelry collection is inspired by the old traditional inuit tattoos in Alaska, Canada and Greenland.

All the jewelry are made with respect for the original inuit tattoo culture and traditions, and have a meaningful name related to that.

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