The Artists

Buuti Pedersen

For Buuti, it is important that every woman can wear her jewelry, young or old. It is also important that they are worn. Simply. For Buuti, art is a craft that should benefit all interested. While Buuti thinks that Greenlandic women is the target group for her design, she would be honored if all Inuit would wear the PANIKPANIK jewelry.

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Nadja Arnaaraq Kreutzmann

Nadja is a ‘product’ of the historical ties between Greenland and Denmark – a child of a Greenlandic father and a Danish mother. She is proud of being Greenlandic as well as Danish at one and the same time. She views jewelry as a bridge between Greenland and Denmark. 

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Oline Binzer

It was by coincidence that Oline Binzer started to carve in soap stone, reindeer antler, and tooth. She became the manager of the drop-in center, “Qiperoq”, for Greenlanders in Copenhagen, Denmark, in the 80’s. In that context, Oline found her skill.

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