Natures jewelry

Raw materials and knowledge from Greenland

PANIKPANIK is preserving old Inuit craftsmanship previously made in bone, antler, and tooth by transforming it into metal and materials originating from Greenland, showcasing Greenlandic artist and creating jobs.

Central for PANIKPANIK is working with raw materials, designers and artists originating from Greenland as well as creating value in Greenland.

It is central for PANIKPANIK to work with Greenlandic designers and artists.

The designer of the first collection in PANIKPANIK (Tattooish) is Nadja Arnaaraq Kreutzmann, former inhouse apprentice at Nicolai Appel’s “Guldfabrik” who will finish her education as goldsmith in 2022.

Nicolai has been working with the Greenlandic artist Buuti Pedersen for several years on other projects.

PANIKPANIK has also established a cooperation with the gifted craftsman Oline Binzer who has been creating wonderful items in stone, bone, and teeth for a lifetime.

The cooperation with Buuti and Oline have come to into fruition and their designs are now transferred into precious metals in the PANIKPANIK collections “Aajuna” and “Qiperoq”.

The force and founder behind PANIKPANIK is Danish goldsmith Mr. Nicolai Appel. Nicolai Appel is known for the diadem made of Greenlandic gold with Greenlandic flora motives to Her Majesty Queen Margrethe the 2nd 40th anniversary as queen – a gift from Naalakkersuisut, the Greenlandic government.

PANIKPANIK is today owned 50/50 by people from Greenland and Denmark.

Traditionally handcrafted


Workplaces and creative environments in Greenland

Greenland is the perfect place to create jewelry because of weather conditions. Whenever the weather is rough and forcing you to stay indoors, you can still be efficient and work with jewelry. The jewelry production is not dependent on animals, the weather or the infrastructure of the country and is therefore flexible and easy to start up.  

The jewelry can easily be sent by mail all over the country at a low cost, which makes small production units ideal and possible in any type of community in Greenland. No city is too small for jewelry production. You can easily have two or three people making PANIKPANIK jewelry in Tasiilaq, Maniitsoq or Nuuk.

The vision of PANIKPANIK is to establish a workshop in Greenland in 2024-25 and have jewelry "Made in Greenland".

Beyond fairtrade

Creating jobs all over Greenland

With PANIKPANIK we want to create jobs in communities all over Greenland.

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